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"Never Hate Your Job Again"


Create a new marketing campaign for the staffing company Clutch


Focusing mainly on potential new creative professionals who are young and seeking work (the talent)

HR recruiters from businesses (the employers)


Fall 2020

Art Director
Lilian Broyles

Lilian Broyles
Noah Horas

Project Overview


Clutch (aka. Clutch Creative Talent) is a talent acquisition firm, specializing in staffing workers for marketing/advertising related activities. They essentially work as the middle-man between the potential talent (person being employed) and the employer, which helps overwhelmed HR offices and businesses who need a niche specialist. Clutch requests for a new ad campaign that will help increase their brand exposure and capture more professional talent.

For a staffing company, Clutch’s mission is to create long-lasting relationships rather than just becoming a one-time service. They partner with marketing professionals on the market looking for jobs and companies in need of these talents, working to find the perfect fit for each party. 

The creative strategy for this campaign was to position Clutch as something like the dating middle-man.


From research, it appeared that most people were unaware in general about the existence of talent acquisition firms operating solely to help people find jobs. Further explanations on how this type of business operates seems to overcomplicate the idea and dissuades prospective talent from applying.

In order to simplify the message and maintain the Clutch’s fun, quirky brand image, I developed a campaign so that people can perceive Clutch as if it were something like a dating app/mediator.


Like a metaphor, Clutch is not ever suggested to be an actual dating app, but rather using the dating perspective to help simplify and ground the idea.

The creative imagery used on the visual materials shows off common romantic iconography like cupid, love arrows, hearts, dating app UI, engagement rings, etc. However, the copy featured undoubtedly indicates the real purpose while still incorporating romantic slang and phrases, enhancing the creative concept.

A flair of “fun professionalism.” The creative works in unison to accomplish this task. The bright, playful color palette offered by Clutch’s branding guidelines and the charming, expressive visuals help make the ads stand out and better appeal to the younger professional demographic’s tastes. 

The promotional materials in this campaign use a combination of digital marketing and physical media: Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, and Google Ads; transit and magazine ads. 

Spotify Ads

Spotify Ads

Spotify Ad-03.png
Spotify Ad-02.png
Spotify Ad-01.png

Instagram Post

Instagram Post-06.png
Instagram Post-05.png
Instagram Post 3-06.png
Instagram Post
Google Ads

Google Banner Ads

Google Ads 2-01.png
Google Ads 2-02.png
Google Ads 2-05.png
Google Ads 2-04.png
Google Ads 2-06.png
Facebook Ad

Facebook Ad

Facebook Post-01.png

Printed Media

Magazine Ad

Billboard   |   Poster

Bus Wrap 2-02.png
Magazine Ads-01.png
Magazine Ads 2-01.png
Printed Media
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