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"Postcards from Home"


Design a new identity for Klein College's department of Advertising and Public Relations' annual Senior Showcase; develop accompanying promotional materials and website 


Industry Professionals, Klein Faculty, AD & PR Senior Students


Co-Art Director



Natalie Chadwell, Austin Powers,

Katelyn Kemmerle, Alexandra Cahanap,

William Lewis, Lilian Broyles

TU Klein College's AD & PR
2021 Senior Showcase

Spring 2020

Project Overview



Temple University's Klein College of Media and Communication's Department of Advertising and Public Relations hosts an annual professional networking event for their graduating seniors to promote their accomplishments to Philadelphian employers. A small select team of student seniors is created by the department committee to help develop a promotional campaign and materials for the event.

Each year since the Senior Showcase was established in 2015, Klein College has run this networking event for their graduating students in the Advertising and Public Relations departments.


Unlike other networking events, the Senior Showcase is developed in reverse, where the employers approach the prospective graduates instead of the students (essentially a reverse job fair).


Typically the showcase is held in-person, but due to Covid-19 the event needed to be transitioned for an online virtual platform. The previous year, the 2020 showcase team in charge had to abruptly redesign the event to accommodate the transition online. For the 2021 showcase team (the one I was a part of), we all were aware from the beginning the online requirements and could anticipate the newfound challenges we would ultimately face with the switch to a website format.

The committee, department chair, and showcase student team all agreed that 

this Senior Showcase was to be unlike any others from the past, in regards to that year's theme and identity. We needed to implement a concept that year embodying the unique period we are living through because of the pandemic.


The balance between a message that hit right on the nose and something a little more soft and nostalgic was difficult to achieve. We wanted to show sympathy and compassion towards everyone and their situation's because often the thought of being online and social distancing evoked more negative feelings. From there the brainstorm started.


This direction we established for ourselves helped us eventually reach our final decision on that year's theme, "Postcards from Home." Everyone involved wanted to acknowledge how the Temple University community was (then) spread all across the world, a remarkable fact revered by TU admins. The pandemic leaving us stuck at home throughout 2020-2021 was a shared

experience we were all dealing with. The idea of "Postcards from Home" evoked this wistful feeling and also allowed students to personalize their profiles by capturing their lives during quarantine.


With a graduating class of 140 students, it was difficult to find a way to show off their uniqueness and information while staying organized in our design for the web. Creating stamps indicating their track and student submissions of their own fun photos for the postcard graphic, helped personalize and build structure for their profiles.


The "Postcards from Home" theme was neatly wrapped up with the vibrant gifs we made, headed by co-art director, Alex Cahanap. The gifs playfully capture our imitations of activities people at home did while stuck in quarantine. They really helped connect all our thematic elements together to fully realize our Senior Showcase design. 


Check out the finished product on the web!

Promotional Design

Promotional Design

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Showcase Team

The 2021 Senior Showcase Team

Natalie Chadwell 
[ Account Manager ]


Alexandra Cahanap
[ Art Director ]

Austin Powers 
[ Account Manager ]


William Lewis
[ Art Director ]

Katelyn Kemmerle 
[ Copywriter ]


Lilian Broyles
[ Art Director ]

Header Design

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Header Design
Stamp Designs

Stamp Designs

Department Track Concentrations

Public Relations

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Account Management

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Art Direction

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Award Winner Stamp

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Themed Decor Stamps

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Graduation Cap

Rubber Stamp Decorations

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Postcard Profiles

Student Profile Postcard Designs

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Desktop Standard Layout

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Mobile Device Layout

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