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Kiwi Music

Fall 2020

Alternative Marketing | Brand | Advertisement | UX/UI Design | Graphic Design | Animation Concept

"Find Your Inner Kiwi"


Using alternative marketing strategies, design a guerrilla campaign for the fictional music streaming app called "Kiwi," which uses augmented reality (AR) to target the chosen demographic

+ Create the app logo/icon


The young generation of tech savvy, pop-culture, music enthusiasts

(All genders, primarily focusing on ages 15-25 yrs old) 

Kiwi Music

Fall 2020

Art Director
Lilian Broyles

Lilian Broyles

Project Overview


Alternative marketing (non-traditional marketing) allows advertisers to devise creative, innovative, and unconventional strategies that can stand out against traditional advertising practices (at a low cost). This guerrilla marketing project aims to foster a memorable brand experience, while creating something playful and interactive with viral social media potential, ultimately encouraging passerby to download the music app.


The term Kiwi can be interpreted in various ways, but normally associated with either the fruit or the New Zealand bird.


For this project, I decided to structure the brand identity of the app around the concept of the bird. I thought there was a lot of creative potential using the bird as a source of inspiration. 


The logo is designed with a wordmark and pictorial mark that can either be combined or separated for different branding purposes. The pictorial logo is the literal representation of a kiwi bird listening to music.


With how the wordmark and logo are designed, if the brand in the future decides to revise the design for a better streamlined visual, the logo can be constructed from multiple variations of the current graphic. 

Originally, I was inspired by classic flash mobs. I then thought about the influence of social media platforms, such as Tik Tok and Twitter, where entertaining fan-made videos have the potential to gain viral reach. Combining music pop-culture, the shocking of flash mob, and the trending/ sharable capability of such event.


I initially imagined the project as organizing random flash mobs in cities, partnering with celebrities, and somehow implementing kiwi bird mascot costumes designed to look similar to famous musical artists (maybe even attempting to convince these artists to actually wear their own kiwi costume).


The AR element would be similar to a Snapchat filter, where people could apply the camera filter to “wear” a kiwi-fied version of their favorite music artists.


The idea became too ambitious... so I redesigned this idea for a more scaled down marketing campaign. Instead, I decided to create digital caricature versions of the kiwi-fied celebs and feature them on an electronic billboard with stereo capabilities. The costumes and backgrounds are based on music videos from each artist.


The billboard would have a front camera so people can project themselves onto the digital screen. I imagine the kiwi character would have some motion/touch sensitivity and programing so certain movements from a person can produce specific reactions from the kiwi-fied characters.


Audiences are prompted to download the Kiwi app because it allows users to change the artist, wardrobe/environment, and song selection. This drives people to download the app and ideally results with continued use for just music streaming. 

Logo Design

Logo Design

Kiwi Logo_App-04.png
Kiwi Logo_App-05.png
Kiwi Logo_App-06.png
Kiwi Logo_App-07.png
App UI Design
Mockup Phone 2.png

App UI Design

Opening-Loading Screen

Kiwi App Celeb Interface-01.png

Operating Screen for Interactive Billboard

Kiwi App Celeb Interface-02.png
Guerrilla Marketing Design

Guerrilla Marketing Design

Interactive Electronic Billboard   |   Animated Inspiration

*** The images are static, representing the idea but have yet animate the Kiwi Characters

Billie Eilish  –  "Bad Guy"

Billie Eilish - Kiwi Singers.png

Drake  –  "Hotline Bling"

Drake - Kiwi Singers.png

Static Mockup Examples

Billie Eilish - subway mockup.png
Billie Eilish - no model - subway mockup
Drake - subway mockup.png
Drake - no model - subway mockup.png
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