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about me.


Introducing the Amazing Lily, aka. me!


The world of art is my circus and I am it's ringmaster, my creations will awe audiences and I journey to far away lands. Your friendly neighborhood adopted Asian-American, adventurer and advocacy enthusiast. I like to think about what makes us human, how to benefit the world and the people we share it with, and maybe... just maybe... how I can make it even an ounce better with the work I do. 


This seeps into my love of learning about history, culture, society, and people, which often translates into my work as well, as you will see. I've had the greatest opportunities in life to travel and live abroad, hopefully I'll be able to work abroad too. If you have any interest in this lovely human being that is me, let's meet over coffee, though I prefer bubble tea! 

(*A colorful mixture of unconventional fun and bubbly sweet goodness, just like me!)

My full name is Lilian, but I find that to be a little stuffy so you can just call me Lily.

[ An adopted Asian-American aspiring Art Director ]

Graduated from Temple University: Klein College of Media and Communication in December 2021

Let's connect!

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