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No matter if it's art or advertising,
I want to utilize my creative ideas to illuminate a clear message or feeling.

the artist

This is a dedicated​​​ page to show off some of the artwork from my sophomore, junior, and senior years of high school (age 15 - 18). 


I decided in college that fine-art was not my calling, but I still wanted a career where I could be artistically creative, telling beautiful stories.


My past artwork may help present a distinct side of my creativity that my advertising portfolio does not. Raw inspiration vs. refined ideas.

the one child project

This project became the fruition of my identity as a Chinese adoptee, my artistic abilities, and desire for advocacy. It's like an extension of myself.

I wanted to understand where I came from, the stories behind Chinese adoption, and then teach others... to explore something I never had before.

The policy's legacy is examined in the artwork I present here, the stories left untold. My initial intention was to become a voice for others who don't have one, but it also turned into a therapeutic way of finding myself and exploring these complex emotions. 

China's One Child Policy was a national constitution enacted for over 30 years (1979 - 2015), in an effort to slow the rapidly growing over population. The terrifying impact was left on the country's citizens: thousands upon thousands of babies and unborn fetuses were left for dead, forced to miscarriage, human trafficked, and abandoned.


For such horrifying experiences it's something rarely talked about, many left unaware about the bloody details. I wanted to change that.

Please, I encourage any amount of further research to better understand the lives of those affected! 


|  "A Forgotten Spring" (2018)


|  "Pleading Mother" (2016)


|  "A Familiar Figment" (2016)


|  "Am I A Monster?" (2015)


|  "Am I A Monster 2.0" (2017)


|  "Cornered" (2016)


|  "The Dragon's Sacrifice" (2015)


|  "The Abyss" (2016)


|  "Suffocation 2.0" (2017)


|  "Suffocation" (2015)


|  "Authoritarian Control" (2017)

Midway through my project's exploration, I was further encouraged by my art teacher to enhance the investigation by delving into a new style of creative expression... graphic comic and political cartoon - like drawings.

In these depictions, I was inspired by my research, using various authors' recollections and personal anecdotes of the horrors. In others, I examine the potential societal or psychological impact (often trauma) the policy had on those affected. I wanted to reflect the depth this policy had on people. Not bare numerical statistics or formal historical recounts found in a textbook... but real people. 

other artwork

A collection of other miscellaneous projects, pieces, studies or sketch work. Mediums feature a broad range of applications, ie oil painting, photography, pencil...

Self-Portrait Painting

Grisaille Technique

Still-Life Observation Sketch

Pencil Graphite


Digital Photography

Digital Illustration

Photoshop Painting

Abstract Drawing

Colored + Graphite Pencil

creative . designer . artist

For inquiries and questions, please contact

"A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others."

— Salvador Dali


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