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Branding | Graphic Design | Advertising Campaign | Website UX/UI Design | Social Media Marketing | Guerrilla Marketing 

"Share Happiness"


Create a cohesive ad campaign, incorporating a breadth of multimedia strategies for the snack brand of choice.

Set the brand apart from sister & imitation products by building the brand's voice to develop a deeper connection with their audience. Use powerful storytelling and compelling values, advertising the unique qualities customers can only find with that brand.

(Chosen Brand: Pocky, from Glico Corporation)


Fall 2020

Art Director
Lilian Broyles

Lilian Broyles


Wide range of applicable audience

Focusing on people of all genders

(Ages 15 - 35 years old)

Social media savvy, online food delivery users, novel product enthusiasts, have strong personal connections with others

Pass the Pocky

The product “Pocky” is a sweet biscuit snack, originating in Japan from the Glico Corporation. The first pocky started as a thin biscuit covered in a light layer of chocolate. Since the snack’s development in 1966, the Pocky name has transported itself across the globe and can now be found in many grocery stores in the U.S.

This project did not require students to necessarily create an entirely new brand image, but to build upon existing brand elements. I already loved the bubbly (kawaii) graphic content, and the brand’s familiar tagline “Share Happiness” became an inspirational starting point, spearheading my campaign's message.

Pocky would promote a guerrilla marketing pop-up event on social media, encouraging followers to find the pop-up locations in their city and share their experience with the “Show us how you #sharehappiness” tag. 


The pop-up storefronts could also feature limited-exclusive merchandise sold only at those locations, opening up the opportunity to capture the collector consumer audience.

Embracing the more fun/eccentric image appeals to a specific niche, helps distinguish Pocky from competitors by establishing its unique charm. 

Social Media

Instragram Feed Mockup.png
Instagram Feed UI.png

Print Media

Billboard   |   Poster

Billboard Mockup.png

Magazine Advertisement

Magazine Ad.png
Magazine Mockup.png

I wanted to cover a specific type of relationship people share with one another for this magazine ad — romance.


There is a Japanese party game where two people are challenged to gnaw at each end of the same pocky stick, reaching as close as possible until the two meet without kissing.

(Reminiscent of the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti kiss)

Guerrilla Marketing

Pop-up Pocky Delivery Shop

For the guerrilla marketing component, I wanted to implement a fun way for people to realistically “Share Happiness” with people they care about.

There could be prize incentives for users who share the #ShareHappiness hashtag or the revenue goes towards charitable donations as a more philanthropic approach. 

Mobile Station.png

The pop-up pocky store fronts + mobile vendors would be stationed around a city encouraging people to participate in the "Give A Pocky, Get A Pocky" event. (Limited-exclusive merchandise would also be sold)

Delivery Station.png
Delivery Mockup.png

Customers can purchase Pocky packs to be sent with a heartfelt message to anyone they want.


People also have the choice of sending a Pocky gift to a random person encouraging the spread of happiness to everyone.

(Similar to Valentine's Day grams)

Pop-up Pocky   |   Marketing Materials

Delivery Bag Design.png
Store Poster.png

Website Mobile-up Design

Desktop   |   Tablet   |   Mobile

Desktop Mockup.png
Tablet Mockup.png
Phone Mockup.png

Website Expanded
UI/UX Rendition

↓   DESKTOP   ↓

Website - Desktop-low res.png

The website design is a reinterpreted version of the official Pocky Website

creative . designer . artist

For inquiries and questions, please contact

"A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others."

— Salvador Dali


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