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University Student Organizations

Asian Students Association (ASA)

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Temple University

2019 — 2021

Temple Advertising Club (TAC)

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Social Media Promotion | Advocacy-DEI | Product Design


Asian Students Association (ASA)

 Multimedia & Technology Officer

( Fall 2019 — Spring 2020 )

Temple Advertising Club (TAC)

 Art Director & Creative Officer

( Fall 2021 )

During my entire college experience, I participated in the college's Asian Students Association — a club dedicated to connecting the campus's AAPI community.


My sophomore year, I was accepted onto the organization's executive board as the Multimedia & Technology Officer.


Outside of general leadership tasks, responsibilities consisted of: photography, designing promo images for Facebook Event pages, posters, flyers, R&D for merchandise, and other materials as needed.


I also created the graphic for the E-Board's jackets, which was later re-rendered to use on merch for general body members. It is now also used as the club's official logo following their 10 Year Anniversary.

The Temple Ad Club is student professional organization focused on the advertising industry. 


My senior semester, I was accepted onto the Temple Ad Club's executive board. My position was a Creative on the Art Director Team.

I was in charge of creating various promotional material for the club's Instagram posts and stories.


I also design the back graphic used on the club's T-shirts, made as merchandise for general body members.


Compared to the liberty I had with ASA's creative material, I had to adhere to TAC's own brand guidelines.

Selection of Work Produced

Asian Students Association

Facebook Event Promo 
|   Header Image   |

Advocacy WS1 2.png
Spider-Verse FINAL.png
Fundraiser #1 - Bingsoo 2-01.png
GBM 2 Cover Photo FINAL 2.png
Banquette Cover Photo FINAL-01.png
Krispy Kreme Fundraiser-01.png
Fright Fest Coverphoto.png

New Logo Design   |   Merch Design

New Merch Design_edited-cropped.jpg

Merch Complex Design

Front Design Merch.png

Simplified Design

Front Design Merch-03.png

Front Chest Design

New Logo Design   |   Merch Design

Eboard Jackets.png

Temple Advertising Club

Merchandise Design
|   Development Versions   |

Merch Design Ideas-12.png
Merch Design Ideas-14.png
Merch Design Ideas-13.png
Merch Design Ideas-16.png
Merch Design Ideas-17.png

Social Media

DEI Committee Reveal
|   Instagram Post   |

DEI Committee 1.png
DEI Committee Post 4.png
DEI Committee 2.png
DEI Committee 3.png

Miscellaneous Promos
|   Instagram Posts   |

TAC Fall 2021 Grad Post_Artboard 9-18.png
TAC Fall 2021 Grad Post_Artboard 9-19.png

Fall 2021 Graduation Post

MTAC Post 1.png
MTAC Post 2.png

MTAC Promotion Post

Interview GBM Post_Artboard 9-14.jpg

Event Promotions  +  DEI Celebration Posts

TAC Speaker-EricaGivans.png
TAC Speaker-Finnian Saylor.jpg

Guest Speaker Posts

I played off the game's official logo for this design

I accomplished this imitation, while still continuing to only utilize colors + fonts allowed in TAC's brand design guidelines


Social Event
   Instagram Story   

creative . designer . artist

For inquiries and questions, please contact

"A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others."

— Salvador Dali


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